Field Work


Some of the field work conducted in the case study areas are depicted below:

  • A meteorological station and monitoring camera system were installed, in order to provide real-time data to the program’s main server.
  • Detailed (of every 50 cm) topographic measurement was conducted in both case study areas, using a highly accurate RTK (accuracy <5 cm).
  • Detailed (of every 1 m) bathymetric measurment of the nearshore sea-bottom, up to the depth of about 10 meters.
  • Repeated wave height measurements were conducted, using high frequency equipment, installed in different depths and frequences, throughout the whole period of the Project.
  • Video recordings were conducted, using thermal and infrared cameras.
  • repeated measurements of nearshore current direction and speed were conducted, using high frequency equipment.
  • detailed scanning of the beach and the surrounding slopes was conducted, using Lidar.
support_meteo support_rtk support_bathy support_rbr
 meteo station coastal RTK survey bathymetry wave measurements
thermal adv infrared lidar
thermal camera current measurments infrared lights  LIDAR survey