Greece’s Beach Database (Introduction)


A geodatabase was created, completing the information for the beach zones’ characteristics of Greece, including the human intervention and activity. This database is the first systemic information gathered for the beach zones all around Greece, constituting the first Beach Inventory of Greece.
Aim of the Beachtour Database is the digitising and gathering of all the available information in a user-friendly environment and the visualization of the aforementioned data.
Depending on the zoom at a specific area, different beach zone data is presented.

Geodatabase samples are presented below:

Geodatabase attribute table
database_beach_width database_beach_material database_full_elements
Beach width map (1:5.000.000) Beach material map (1:100.000) Residential growth/Accessibility map (1:25.000)

The metadata that constitute the geodatabase are presented below:

genika_eng perivallontika_eng


The Geodatabase can be accessed through here